What is Home Inspection Contingency?

When you’re buying a house, your contract is contingent upon home inspection. That means you get 17 days approximately or less, to do your full investigation of the house. You, as a buyer, you have the right to bring any inspector you like at your own cost to do the inspection. Any inspector you like, any termite, company, or general inspector. As a seller, you have to allow the buyer to bring any inspector they on. During that period, the buyer may ask you to give them a credit for any repair or for you to fix any inspection items. But you, as a seller, you have no obligation to fix anything or give any credit, or even respond. But, of course, in a perfect world, we know you want to try to work with the buyer to come with a mutual agreement. But it’s important for a buyer to understand that before you make an offer, you understand that the seller may not agree to any inspection credit. So when you’re making an offer, make sure that it’s already built into your offer price.

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