Important Reminder for Investors Selling Their Tenant Occupied Property!

Sellers, are you considering selling your investment property, but unsure how to navigate your tenant situation? Here is what you need to know. 

For years I have been actively going to open houses on behalf of my clients and have seen many different properties ranging in size, type and price. One observation I have recently is that sellers do not allow enough time to actually show their property due to their tenants occupying the home. 

This past weekend I went to a particular home and saw that the open house hours were limited to one day only and for 2 hours. Your tenants’ schedules are limiting your offers! 

Remember that many qualified eager buyers are flying in from around the world on a weekend to meet with their agent and search for the perfect home. Your home that you’re selling could be their dream home but they never were able to see it because the Open House hours were so limited. 

If you want to increase your offers and ensure that you are truly getting the highest and best offer possible, consider talking to your tenants about opening up their schedule or consider waiting until their lease period is up, allowing you time to get the property cleaned and ready for buyers to see. 

Open House hours are proven to bring the most amount of qualified buyers if they are conducted on a Saturday and a Sunday for at least 4 hours each day. 

And most importantly, don’t entertain any offers until after you have had your open house weekend. 

This gives buyers the opportunity to see your property in person, ensuring you get top dollar for your home! 

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